Documental is a production company specialising in films about global issues. We believe that bringing cinematic storytelling to research, development projects and social initiatives generates impact in a way that other formats cannot. A good film can briefly and vividly convey the complexities of a project; a good film can put a human face to a problem, illustrating why it matters and what is at stake; a good film can capture the effectiveness of an initiative while showing the steps involved in reaching that impact. At Documental, we make good films.

Because we are passionate about the power of film and photography, we also encourage clients to include visual media in their programme design. Working directly with project teams as well as the communities involved, we facilitate participatory workshops and training to capture results as they happen. From capacity building activities in the field to public presentations and strategies for long-term impact, we support the sustainability of our clients’ work from the ‘inside’ out.

Whether documenting changes in knowledge, attitudes, practice or behaviours, we believe in making important stories visible and accessible to a wide audience. Our goal is to increase discussion, debate and public engagement with global issues and the projects that tackle them. At Documental we bring film to projects that matter.


The Team

Guy Natanel is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the founder of Documental. His experience includes feature documentaries, corporate films and global health projects. In a previous life Guy owned and operated his own art-house cinema in Colorado (USA), bringing quality independent films to his mountain community.

Dan Chisholm is an editor, colourist and motion graphics artist. His background includes work on feature films, documentaries, commercials, short films and award winning music videos. Dan combines his knowledge of technology with his storytelling skills to produce creative and engaging content.

Luca Rocchini is an award-winning director of photography and cameraman. He graduated from the National Film School in Dublin and has almost a decade of experience filming all over the world. Luca enjoys experimenting with his visual style, expanding his knowledge of visual arts and pushing boundaries to create unique images.